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Audiovisual Installation Services - Stamford, CT

Experienced with Audiovisual Design in Stamford, CT

Enhance your home theater or business presentation platform with the assistance of Sound Connections. Specializing in audiovisual design in Stamford, CT, we work to install and setup your media equipment. Whether we are improving your movie-watching experience or setting up a teleconferencing suite, our technicians will ensure that your entire setup is configured properly.

Additionally, if you have any issues with your audiovisual equipment after it is installed, our team offers complete maintenance and repair services to deal with the problem. Contact us to learn more about our design services and to discuss your audiovisual equipment needs.


As a business owner, you require an audiovisual setup that is capable of keeping up with your company’s needs. With our commercial audiovisual services, our team will help design your conference and presentation rooms, ensuring they have the equipment needed to stay in contact with clients and employees. We will also assist with setting up smart devices around your office to help improve the productivity of your employees.


Going to the movies is always a fun experience; however, it can also be costly to take the entire family. Thankfully with our residential audiovisual design services, you can replicate the theater experience in your living room.

Our expert technicians will set up your TV and sound system so that you will have the optimal viewing experience. This way, you can enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your own home. Soak in the sounds and stunning effects that come with a new home theater. Whether you are quarantined or snowed-in, you will quickly appreciate having this type of audiovisual experience.

You are sure to be amazed when you learn about all of the possibilities that come with a professionally-installed theater system.


The design and installation of a coordinated home theater system involve years of training and the use of the most advanced tools on the market today. We listen to your needs to ensure that the system connects with you every time. Building the right system for you starts with a complete inspection of your establishment.

Having a team of audio specialists in your corner during the design phases of your renovation can make a big difference. We know the right places for speaker installation, and we use only reliable audiovisual equipment to ensure you get the best experience. Start the design process right away and transform your living room into a movie destination.

Professionalism drives our process for both commercial customers and residential clients. We understand the power of each movie, and PowerPoint presentation makes a significant impact on visitors and potential clients alike. Our approach keeps them both on the cutting-edge of innovation.

Take advantage of our audiovisual installation and request a service.