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Residential Audiovisual

Upgrade with Our Residential Audiovisual Design Services in Stamford, CT

Enhance your in-home entertainment with the audiovisual services offered by Sound Connections. We provide residential audiovisual design services in Stamford, CT, to give customers an optimal viewing and listening experience right in the comfort of their homes.

From the initial designs of your system to installing your new equipment, our AV technicians are here to help. We also sell the audiovisual equipment you’ll need for your new home theater, providing you with options from many of the major electronic brands. Contact us to learn more about our custom AV solutions and to schedule an in-home design consultation with our team today.

Custom Systems to Meet Your Needs

At Sound Connections, we want to provide you with the right custom audiovisual system that meets your family’s needs. From setting up high-quality TVs and surround sound in your home theater room to installing a whole-home audio solution with flush-mounted speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy any movie or music.

Additionally, if you’re building a new home, our team can work with your contractors to run audio and network cabling throughout your house before the walls go up.  This way, we can easily incorporate your audiovisual equipment in any room you want. 

Residential Audiovisual Design - Stamford, CT

A Cinematic Experience

With the high cost of going to the movies, having a custom AV solution to bring the cinema home is always a great option. We’ll help you design your optimal living room theater, ensuring you have a fantastic viewing experience for movies and TV shows. We’ll also take care of installing all of the components of your home theater, making sure everything works properly.

Give us a call to request a service for audiovisual installation and integration you can afford.